Isn't It Time Someone Taught You How To Build A 6- or 7- Figure LIFESTYLE  Around Your Heart Centered Business... Instead Of
A Business That Dictates Your Lifestyle?!

In 20 years of being in the personal development space, I've built a 7-figure, soul-inspired
that allows me to live how I want
to live
and I can do the same for you!

Each month I help a small number of Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs
sculpt the Lifestyle Business of their dreams -YOU COULD BE NEXT!
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A FREE Lifestyle Business Discovery Session is right for you if you can authentically
resonate with any (or all) of the following...

  • You're A Heart Centered Entrepreneur

    with an existing Transformational Business (or with aspirations to start a new business) utilizing your soul inspired gifts  and you yearn to earn 10K to 50K/month or MORE by reaching the people you were BORN to help…

  • You Desire Learning How To Create

    a FLEXIBLE lifestyle business that allows you the FREEDOM to live life on your own terms… whether that means traveling at will, working from home or on the road, spending more time with your loved ones, pursuing philanthropic interests, or just simply doing what you love – however YOU define that!

  • You Are Seeking A Coach

    who has successfully and authentically sculpted her own ideal lifestyle business and is prepared to teach you her proven and perfected formula that combines business, marketing and soul-centered skills and integrity as you journey together toward the fastest path to all that you desire.

  • You Are Committed

    Your money story is not “I can’t afford it,” but rather, your calling and desire to share your gifts with the world and sculpt the lifestyle you know you deserve is so strong and overpowering that your heart and head are singing, “I can’t afford not to do this!”

If you are hand-selected for a Lifestyle Business Discovery Session
with me, I will honor your time by ensuring you gain clarity around
profiting from your purpose and why working with me will be:

Faster... Easier... and Will Eliminate the Costly Trial and Error
Process of Continuing This Journey Alone.

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A small sample of the soul-inspired lives I've touched...

Maria McMahon

I just felt that I simply had to do an updated testimonial for you since the original one I did months ago. When my partner and I wrote that one, we had only been working with you as our coach for a relatively short time but we were suitably impressed. Fast-forward to many months later and my goodness me! How much you have taught us and how much we have learned! My business partner and I have been beyond impressed with the quality of your service, your business-savvy, your incredible sense of humor, and your ability to motivate, inspire and lead us onwards and upwards!

We can’t believe how thoroughly engaged you are with us in every aspect of our business, and your availability and readiness to be there for us is off the charts! Over-delivery doesn’t cover it… we now think of you as ‘Team Member Three’ - who has the FIRST word on everything! We are both so GRATEFUL to you for your commitment to our dream, to helping us make it a reality, and for showing us how to do it… right down to the really tedious, complicated bits!

We would recommend you to anyone who is looking for an inspiring, outstanding and exceptional coach!

Maria McMahon, Cogni-Fusion
Kathryn Weber

Stephanie Mulac is the answer to your email list prayers. Full of knowledge and information, Stephanie can easily find out how you can capitalize on your subscribership, plug the leaks in your list, and grow your online business quickly. It’s not often you can find the rare combination of capability and sheer excitement about helping you build the kind of business that turns your list into a money-making machine. In the first ten minutes she showed me how I could quickly and easily grow my list by 40%.

Kathryn Weber,